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Hollow Core / Semi Solid Partition Doors (MDF)

Our MDF partition doors are manufactured using high quality Australian made materials. 

we can produce a lightweight or heavyweight partition door. 

Our lightweight doors are constructed using finger-jointed pine frame, a 4.75_ MDF door skin each side and a cardboard honeycomb core. 

Our heavyweight doors are made with an MDF frame, a 9_ MDF door skin each side and MDF ribs in the centre of the door. 

Your choice of vision panels or air grill cut-outs can also be added.

Stock sizes are: 

  • 2700 x 920
  • 2700 x 900
  • 2700 x 870
  • 2700 x 820
  • 2400 x 900
  • 2400 x 820
  • 2040 x 900
  • 2040 x 820

Timber Veneer Doors

Vic Ash
American Oak
European Beech
American Walnut

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